• Discard "Fabled Lurrie" for this card's effect and you can Special Summon "Fabled Lurrie" to the field and draw 1 card.
  • This card works great with "Infernity" decks because most of the "Infernities" are Fiends.
  • Use this card to discard "Fabled Krus" to draw a card and Special Summon "Fabled Raven" from the graveyard. Then Synchro Summon for "Fabled Leviathan".
  • Since "Fabled Valkyrus" requires a Fiend-type monster to activate its effect, in a deck that combines "Fabled" and "The Fabled" monsters, you can discard any "The Fabled" monster to return "Fabled Kushano" from the Graveyard to your hand. Then use "Fabled Valkyrus" to discard "Fabled Kushano" and draw 1 card, and possibly repeat next turn.
  • Summon "Fabled Soulkius" by sending at least 1 "Fabled Kushano" to the graveyard. Then use the effect of the second one to special summon "The Fabled Cerburrel" and get him back to your hand. Then you can synchro summon "Fabled Valkyrus", and since you have "Fabled Kushano" back to your hand, you can discard him to draw 1 card.

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