• This card's effect can be used to undermine "Skill Drain", "Soul Drain" (potentially both at the same time, since it activates on the field and resolves in the Graveyard), "Dimensional Fissure" (since this card doesn't have to go to the Graveyard to resolve), or any other card that can lock down your effects, being a good choice for a Fabled's side deck. The only exception is "Light-Imprisoning Mirror" (Which can be destroyed with "Snipe Hunter").
  • You can summon this with the effect of "Kinka-byo" whenever you have Fableds in your hand to destroy your opponent's traps and as this card tributes itself, it will be reuseable afterwards.
  • Activate "Fabled Kushano" in your Graveyard by discarding "Fabled Krus", use "Fabled Krus" to special summon this card and activate it by revealing "Fabled Kushano" which returned to your hand by it's own effect. If you set up your Graveyard, this combo can be performed even when you draw "Fabled Krus", and this is the only card in your hand (which is the best to activate "Topi's" effect), and there are no other cards on your side of the field. After that, set "Fabled Kushano" to protect yourself from attacks.
  • * You can use this combo for a synchro summon of "The Fabled Kudabbi" instead, if needed.

Traditional Format

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