• Before you Synchro Summon this card, if you have multiple Spells and Traps in your hand, Set them. Try to get the +2 that this card's effect grants.
    • In general, Synchro Summon this card when you have 0 cards in your hand to maximize the benefit of this card's effect.
  • After you Synchro Summon this monster and (hopefully) draw 2 cards, Summon/Set/discard/activate them. Then, use "De-Synchro" to trade this monster with the Synchro Materials and Synchro Summon this monster again to draw 2 more cards.
    • Keep in mind that you may have used the effect of "Fabled Raven" or "Fabled Miztoji" to summon "Fabled Ragin" initially. If you use "De-Synchro", you may have problems Synchro Summoning this monster again.

Traditional Format

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