• Send this card to the Graveyard while "Fabled Valkyrus" is on the field to search for "Fabled Lurrie"/"Fabled Krus". Then you can discard it for the effect of "Fabled Valkyrus", allowing you to draw a card. By doing it this way, you have thinned your Deck by two cards and also added another card to the field to be used for Tributes.
    • You can do this in several turns depending on the number of "Fabled Lurries"/"Fabled Krus" in your Deck and copies of this card in your hand.
  • Use "Photon Veil" to add other Fabled monsters to your deck, then add 3 "Fabled Grimros" to your hand. Then use the 3 "Fabled Grimros" to search out 3 other Fabled monsters from your deck to your hand.

Traditional Format

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