• Use cards that would return a monster from your field/Graveyard to your Deck/hand with a Fusion, Synchro or Xyz Monster so it will return to your Extra Deck.
  • Note that the Spell Counters on this card can be used by cards like "Arcanite Magician".
    • After "Arcanite Magician" has used up all available Spell Counters, target it with "De-Synchro" (placing 1 Counter on this card), then the same "Arcanite Magician" can be Summoned a second time (placing Counters on "Arcanite" again) or Summon a different monster.
  • This card works well in Decks full of Pendulum Monsters, who are sent to the Extra Deck when destroyed.
    • This card can achieve 3 Counters very easily notably on Decks like "Igknight", which destroys its own Pendulum Monsters, or "Qli", which Tributes them.

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