• "Exiled Force" defeats many lockdowns because its effect is very hard to negate. It's a perfect card to put in your Side Deck.
  • If you have "Marauding Captain" in you hand along with a "The Warrior Returning Alive" you can activate "The Warrior Returning Alive", and get out "Exiled Forces" from your Graveyard; and Summon both of them, and then destroy a monster with "Exiled Forces" to give you an advantage over the field.
  • Use this card with "The Creator" to destroy 1 monster every turn.
  • Combo this card with "Gigantes", first use the effect of "Exiled Force" to destroy 1 monster on the field and later Special Summon "Gigantes" by banishing "Exiled Force" from the Graveyard, so you don't lose monster advantage.
  • This card is an amazing addition to a "Zombie World" series. With "Zombie World" on the field, you can easily destroy almost all of your opponent's monsters. First, Summon "Exiled Force", Tribute it, and revive it with either "Il Blud" or "Zombie Master". If you have 1 "Zombie Master" and 1 "Il Blud" on the field, you can destroy 3 of your opponents monsters. You can repeat this process numerous times.

Traditional Format

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