• Try to get just a few key cards (like a set of "Exodia") to the Graveyard as early as possible.
  • Use cards such as "Reasoning", "Monster Gate", "Magical Merchant", or "Lightsworn" monsters to meet this card's activation condition faster, although you may run the risk of sending all copies of this card to the Graveyard (if you don't already have a copy in your hand or Set on the field).
  • Chain "Fiend Comedian" to this card's activation. Either you eliminate your opponent's entire Deck as a result, or you refill your new Main Deck.

Traditional Format

  • Use "Painful Choice" to both meet this card's activation condition faster and to ensure that you've discarded the cards you want to use after activating this card's effect.
  • Due to how quickly "Mirage of Nightmare" can mill your Deck, it is recommended to use this card alongside it. If you've lost too many cards, "Exchange of the Spirit" can partially refill your Deck, and bite a large chunk out of your opponent's.

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