• Be careful with the wording of his ability, as it says you can SEND one equip card to the Graveyard, not destroy one equip card. Equip cards with destruction effects do NOT activate when "Evocator Chevalier" uses its effect.
  • Equip this monster with "Supervise" to destroy a card and Special Summon a Gemini monster from your Graveyard.
  • Using "Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade" in a Warrior deck will return to your hand from the Graveyard with every two warrior monsters you banish.
  • Use this card with "Sword of Deep-Seated" in order to gain an equip card each turn.
    • "Spirit Burner" is another viable choice as it doesn't force you to draw an equip on your next turn and provides more flexibility and tactical options.
  • Use with a "Black Pendant" you control to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent.
  • Equip one of your opponent's monsters with "Big Bang Shot" and send the Equip card to the Graveyard, this will allow you to not only destroy one of your opponent's cards but also banish the equipped monster because of its effect.
    • This is an excellent counter for "Stardust Dragon" as it will be banished before you target a card for destruction.
  • Using "Hidden Armory" will draw your Equip Spell Cards faster from your deck or Graveyard, allowing you to quickly use this monster's ability.
  • Use the effect of "Power Tool Dragon" or "Vylon Delta" to add equip cards from your deck to your hand for use with this card.
  • "Gilford the Legend" equips equip cards from the Graveyard to Warrior-Type monsters (which includes itself). This card can destroy a lot of cards with the effect of "Gilford the Legend".
  • "Sword Hunter" and "Truckroid" are also good sources of Equip Spell cards; they're able to attach numerous monsters for each monster they defeat in battle.
  • "Koa'ki Meiru War Arms" is a good source of Equip Card. Since you can equip a Level 3 or lower Warrior from your Graveyard, you can keep destroying one card each turn.
  • Another deadly combo with this card is to equip "Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade" to "Gearfried the Swordmaster" to destroy one monster and use this card's effect to send "Phoenix Blade" to the graveyard to destroy another card on the field. If you have two or more Warriors in the Graveyard, you can repeat this combo to have "the Swordmaster" destroy monsters as "Evocator Chevalier" destroy Spells and Traps.
  • When you activate the effect of "Evocator Chevalier", chain "Gemini Spark" to destroy another card in the same chain.

Traditional Format

  • Send "Premature Burial" to the Graveyard so that the monster it is equipped to will no longer be in danger of being destroyed by it while also destroying one of your opponent's cards.

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