• This card its a good target for "Super Solar Nutrient": first summon your "Evil Thorn" and use its effect to Summon the other copies, then use "Super Solar Nutrient" to Special Summon "Lonefire Blossom", then just Tribute the "Evil Thorn" left with the effect of "Lonefire Blossom" in order to Summon a powerful monster.
  • This card makes it easy to use "Mark of the Rose" since there are normally 3 copies of each of these cards inside a deck if you play both cards.
  • Tribute "Evil Thorn" to inflict damage to your opponent, then overlay the two "Evil Thorns" Summoned into a Rank 1 Xyz.
  • This monster's effect single-handedly fulfills the entire summoning requirement of "The Atmosphere", making its summoning easily done on almost any turn of the game.
  • This card also sets up your graveyard perfectly for "Dark Armed Dragon". Tribute your first "Evil Thorn" to Special Summon the other two from the Deck. From there, you can XYZ Summon a resilient monster like "Slacker Magician" (or use them for any of the above mentioned tips), and when it's destroyed, you'll be ready to Summon "Dark Armed Dragon".
    • Since most Plant-based decks tend not to run DARK Plant-types like "Mystic Tomato", using just 3 "Evil Thorns" will make Summoning "Dark Armed Dragon" extremely consistent, especially considering they will never fall prey to cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole" or "Dimensional Prison". Just make sure to manage your DARK Extra Deck monsters properly if using this strategy.

Traditional Format

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