• If your opponent has a high DEF or ATK monster on their side of the field, use "Elemental Hero Sparkman" equipped with "Spark Blaster" to change that monster to a weaker position then destroy it with "Evil Hero Inferno Wing" so your opponent takes damage equal to that monsters higher stat.
  • When you attack a Defense Position with "Evil Hero Inferno Wing", using "Micro Ray" will increase the Battle Damage your opponent takes, and "Evil Hero Inferno Wing" will deal even more with its effect. You can also use both "Cursed Bill" and "Nitro Unit" to deplete completely to 0 your opponent's LP
  • Due to the combination of its piercing damage and its damage effect, assuming the opponent's monster is destroyed by battle, this card will always do damage to the opponent equal to this card's current ATK or higher.
  • Equipping this card with "Fusion Weapon" can make her even more lethal due to her trample effect. "Dark Room of Nightmare" can also boost the damage done from the second effect further.

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