• Use "Spider Web" to change your opponents monsters to defense position if they somehow evade the effect of "Level Limit - Area B" or if you have not yet activated it. This can also help to declare attack with "Evil Hero Infernal Sniper" and change her to defense position therefore activating her effect and inflicting an extra 1000 damage on your next turn.
  • Do not attempt to declare attacks with this monster. Doing so puts this monster at risk of your opponent's Spells, Traps, and monster effects, and defeats the purpose of this monster's effects. Do not summon this monster if your opponent runs "Mind Control" or "Brain Control" and Level 2 Tuners. Do not rely solely on this monster as your only defense, as it should be on the field along with another monster to speed up the Duel. This card counters a Volcanic Deck pretty nicely, just watch out for Volcanic Doomfire and Volcanic Scattershot, as this card can still be destroyed by monster effects.

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