• If this card is equipped with "Moon Mirror Shield", nearly any monster can essentially be destroy in battle and deal damage to the opponent every time this card fights and destroys a monster.
    • Another great equip option would be to use cards such as "Armory Arm" and/or "Junk Barrage" to inflict as much as double the amount of damage normally caused by "Enlightenment Paladin" alone.
    • "Mini-Guts" is also quite useful here, essentially dealing double damage plus battle damage, possibly enough for an OTK if the opposing monster's ATK is high enough.
  • Utilize cards that reduce your opponent's monsters ATK to 0 like "Ghost of a Grudge", while attacking. This way your opponent will take a large amount of damage from battle and this card's effect.
  • This monster is an Ideal to be summoned "Black Fang Magician".