• "Magical Blast" can be added to your hand every turn resulting in an endless supply of discard fodder for this card's effect.
  • Use "Recycle" with the above strategy to summon "Endymion" muliple times, recycling more spells.
  • You can also speed up it's summon by taking advantage of "Bait Doll".
  • "Endymion" also can be a good reusable tribute monster in the late game when you have a surplus of counters, and allow you to reuse more spells.
    • A great example of this is "Great Maju Garzett", which would come out as a 5400 attack beatstick.
  • In a well built Gemini/Spell Counter Deck, you can use this card to recycle "Supervise". Multiple times in the late game if you have many counters.
  • Try to Special Summon this card from the graveyard, not the hand - it will mean a +2 in card advantage.
  • Re-use a powerful spell card like "Smashing Ground" that can increase your card advantage.
  • If you're making an "Endymion, the Master Magician"/Spell Counter Deck, a great card to run is "Foolish Burial". This will allow you to add a Spell Counter to "Magical Citadel of Endymion" and get "Endymion" to the Graveyard for the Special Summon later on. This also helps by thinning your deck and preventing him from becoming a dead draw if you don't have 6 Spell Counters on "Magical Citadel" already.
    • Note though that this card is not really a dead draw if you have "Magical Dimension". Even though you do not get a magic card from the graveyard, you get an easily summoned 2700 beat stick with the ability to destroy any card on the field by discarding a magic card.
      • Also, via "Magical Dimension's" effect, you can destroy a monster card, letting you save "Endymion's" effect for Spells/Traps.
  • To quickly build up Spell Counters on the "Magical Citadel", activate "Pitch-Black Power Stone", then destroy it with "Mystical Space Typhoon" - the counters from the "Power Stone" will move to the "Citadel", as well as the one afforded by MST, giving you 4 of the 6 counters necessary to Special Summon Endymion
  • By equipping "Wonder Wand" to this card and using its effect, you can then use this card's effect to retrieve this card and "Wonder Wand" from the graveyard and repeat this to draw until you run out of deck or spell counters.
  • This card and "High Priestess of Prophecy" carries a very good synergy.
    • Use Spellbook cards for accumulating Spell Counters on "Magical Citadel of Endymion". "Spellbook of Secrets" can help tremendously on this, since it can search another Spellbook while gaining Spell Counter at the same time.
    • If Special Summoned with its own effect, Endymion can take one Spell Card from the Graveyard, best if you took a Spellbook Spell Card. If you have at least 3 Spellbook Spell Cards in your hand, you can reveal them for Special Summoning "High Priestess of Prophecy".
    • Activate Endymion's effect by discarding a Spellbook to destroy a card, then "High Priestess" can banish the discarded Spellbook for destroying another card.
    • They can also be used for Xyz Summoning "Hierophant of Prophecy".
    • "Spellbook Magician of Prophecy" can search whatever Spellbook you may need, which can also be searched via "Apprentice Magician". "Apprentice Magician" itself can adding more Spell Counters when it is Summoned.

Traditional Format

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