• If this card is co-linked to "Trigate Wizard", you can make "Trigate Wizard" battle a monster with higher ATK, then use the effect of this card to negate battle damage and the destruction of "Trigate Wizard", then make this card gain the ATK boost. This card can deal double battle damage from being co-linked to "Trigate Wizard" and with the ATK boost from its effect, can deal heavy amounts of battle damage.
  • Equip this card with "United We Stand", allowing it to gain ATK from the monsters linked to it.
    • Combine this with the previous tip. This card will gain at least 1600 ATK from having this card co-linked to "Trigate Wizard", better if there are more monsters. With the combination of this card's effect, "United We Stand", and the effect of "Trigate Wizard", this can set up for massive amounts of damage.

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