• This card works well with Ojamas, but also works well in any deck that makes use of low-level Normal Monsters, including those that are trying to set up the cards "Huge Revolution" or "The Law of the Normal".
  • If you have no particular use for "The Law of the Normal", you can still make the monsters you summon with this card very formidable by equipping one with "Sword of the Soul-Eater" once they have swarmed the field.
  • Use this card for swarming the field with Level 3 or lower monsters, to be matched by a Tuner monster to be tuned into whatever Synchro Monster you may desire. Since a few Tuner monsters also happen to be Normal Monsters themselves, you can build an entire deck around this method. "Junk Warrior" is the most obvious solution, but there are a number of other possibilities, based on the level of the Tuner monster you happen to use.
  • As a "World Chalice" deck contains several low Level Normal Monsters, you can use this card to potentially Summon a few of them in order to use as Link Materials to Link Summon the archetype's Link Monsters.


  • Level 3 or lower Normal Monsters:
 Japanese nameTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
The 13th Grave13人目の埋葬者ZombieDARK31200900
Abyss Flower深淵に咲く花PlantEARTH2750400
Acid CrawlerアシッドクロウラーInsectEARTH3900700
Acrobat MonkeyアクロバットモンキーMachineEARTH310001800
The All-Seeing White Tiger隻眼のホワイトタイガーBeastWIND31300500
Ancient Brain魔天老FiendDARK31000700
Ancient Jar太古の壺RockEARTH1400200
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment悟りの老樹PlantEARTH36001500
Aqua Snakeアクア・スネークAquaWATER31050900
Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousnessデーモン・ビーバーBeastEARTH2400600
Archfiend Mirror悪魔の鏡FiendDARK2700600
Armored Rat鎧ネズミBeastEARTH39501100
Armored Zombie鎧武者ゾンビZombieDARK315000
Atlantean Pikeman海皇の長槍兵Sea SerpentWATER214000
Baby DragonベビードラゴンDragonWIND31200700
Barrel Lilyマグナム・リリィPlantEARTH31100600
Basic Insect昆虫人間InsectEARTH2500700
Battle Warrior格闘戦士アルティメーターWarriorEARTH37001000
Beaked SnakeくちばしヘビReptileEARTH3800900
The Bewitching Phantom Thief魅惑の怪盗SpellcasterDARK2700700
Binding Chain封印の鎖FairyLIGHT310001100
Bio PlantB・プラントFiendDARK36001300
Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie青眼の銀ゾンビZombieDARK3900700
Bokoichi the Freightening Car魔貨物車両 ボコイチMachineDARK2500500
Bolt Penguinボルト・ペンギンThunderWATER31100800
Bone Mouse骨ネズミZombieDARK1400300
Boo KooブークーSpellcasterDARK2650500
Candle of Fate運命のろうそくFiendDARK2600600
Chamberlain of the Six Samurai六武衆の侍従WarriorEARTH32002000
Change Slimeチェンジ・スライムAquaWATER1400300
Charcoal Inpachi大木炭18PyroFIRE11002100
Chosen by the World Chalice星杯に選ばれし者PsychicFIRE316000
Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter格闘ねずみチュー助BeastEARTH312000
Claw Reacherキラー・ザ・クローFiendDARK31000800
Cloudian - Smoke Ball雲魔物-スモークボールFairyWATER1200600
Clown Zombieマーダーサーカス・ゾンビZombieDARK213500
Corroding Sharkデッド・シャークZombieDARK31100700
Crowned by the World Chalice星杯を戴く巫女SpellcasterWATER202100
Curtain of the Dark Ones黒魔族のカーテンSpellcasterDARK2600500
... further results

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