• This card is perfect for a Jackal Lockdown Deck, as the main strategy for that deck is to bounce cards back to the top of the opponent's deck, and the main card for that ("Mystical Knight of Jackal") is a two-tribute monster. However, keep in mind your opponent gets to choose which card is stacked...
  • Use this card's effect to get any card you want to your top deck, then activate "Reversal Quiz" and its combo.
  • This card can benefit Lightsworn decks by returning cards from your Graveyard back to your deck, like "Wulf, Lightsworn Beast" or "Lightsworn Sabre", and if another Lightsworn is on your field, the card can be sent to the Graveyard again and have it's effect triggered.
  • This card works well with "Archfiend's Oath" being that you can return 1 card to the top of your Deck then draw it.
  • This could work well with the "Monarchs".
  • This card works well with cards that cannot be Special Summoned from the graveyard, such as "The Creator" or "Andro Sphinx".
  • Using this card in a Gravekeeper's deck, with "Necrovalley" and "Gravekeeper's Chief" on the field, will allow you to use this card's effect to get your own monsters back while preventing your opponent from doing so.

Traditional Format

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