• This card can search out the limbs of "Exodia the Forbidden One". Be wary as this card also informs your opponent of your strategy.
  • This card combos pretty well with "Enchanting Fitting Room". While you search for Normal Monsters, you may also be able to Special Summon them.
  • Since its effect is not optional, if your opponent does not have a Level 3 or lower Normal Monster in their Deck, take the opportunity to verify there is none in their Deck, while observing the cards they use.

Traditional Format


 Japanese nameTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
The 13th Grave13人目の埋葬者ZombieDARK31200900
Abyss Flower深淵に咲く花PlantEARTH2750400
Acid CrawlerアシッドクロウラーInsectEARTH3900700
Acrobat MonkeyアクロバットモンキーMachineEARTH310001800
The All-Seeing White Tiger隻眼のホワイトタイガーBeastWIND31300500
Ancient Brain魔天老FiendDARK31000700
Ancient Jar太古の壺RockEARTH1400200
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment悟りの老樹PlantEARTH36001500
... further results

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