• You can Special Summon this card fast using "Tribute Doll".
  • Tribute summon this card using "Hardened Armed Dragon" as one of the tributes to protect this card from destruction by card effect. Then use cards like "Honest" and "Limiter Removal" to assist it in winning battles. Destroy enough monsters and eventually this card will be too much for your opponent to handle.
  • Equip with "Gravity Blaster" to gain 700 Attack for each monster destroyed by combat, while automatically gaining an additional 400 Attack each turn. "Emes the Infinity" + "Gravity Blaster" will also negate any effects of the monsters it attacks during the battle-phase, allowing you to avoid reprisal from cards like "Bull Blader" and "Wind-Up Zenmaines". The combined attack bonuses from both cards will quickly overwhelm your opponent.
  • Equip this card with "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce". The added attack each turn will eliminate the Attack reduction and be worth the discarded card by allowing you to overwhelm your opponent even sooner.
  • You will certainly want this monster unfazed so that it increases ATK highly enough. Combo him with "Pole Position", so that no Spells would suppress this monster's offense

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