• Psychic-Type monsters that can be Special Summoned from the hand or Deck:
 Primary typeMonster typeLevelAttributeATKDEF
Chosen by the World ChaliceNormal Monster3FIRE16000
D.D. TeleponEffect Monster2EARTH5001800
Doctor CraniumEffect Monster1EARTH100100
Dr. FrankenderpEffect Monster3DARK300300
Esper GirlEffect MonsterTuner monster2EARTH500300
Ghost Fairy ElfobiaEffect Monster3WIND900500
Ghost Ogre & Snow RabbitEffect MonsterTuner monster3LIGHT01800
Hushed Psychic ClericEffect Monster3EARTH02100
Kamui, Hope of GustoEffect Monster2WIND2001000
Kozmo FarmgirlEffect Monster3LIGHT15001000
Kozmo Scaredy LionEffect Monster2LIGHT1200500
Kozmo SoartroopersEffect Monster3DARK10001000
Kozmo StrawmanEffect Monster2LIGHT5001800
Kozmo TincanEffect Monster1LIGHT00
KrebonsEffect MonsterTuner monster2DARK1200400
Lifeforce HarmonizerEffect Monster2WIND800400
Mental SeekerEffect MonsterTuner monster3EARTH800600
Metalfoes SilverdPendulum Monster
Normal Monster
Metalfoes SteelenPendulum Monster
Normal Monster
Mind MasterEffect MonsterTuner monster1LIGHT100200
Mind ProtectorEffect Monster3LIGHT02200
Pilica, Descendant of GustoEffect Monster3WIND10001500
Psi-BeastEffect Monster2EARTH700500
Psychic CommanderEffect MonsterTuner monster3EARTH1400800
Psychic JumperEffect MonsterTuner monster2EARTH1001500
Raremetalfoes BismugearPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Re-CoverEffect MonsterTuner monster1EARTH700300
Risebell the Star AdjusterEffect Monster3WIND800800
Risebell the SummonerPendulum Monster
Normal Monster
Ritual Beast Tamer ElderEffect Monster2WIND2001000
Ritual Beast Tamer LaraEffect Monster1WIND1002000
Ritual Beast Tamer WenEffect Monster3WIND15001000
Ritual Beast Tamer ZeframpilicaPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Ritual Beast Tamer ZefrawendiPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Serene Psychic WitchEffect Monster3EARTH14001200
Super Quantum Blue LayerEffect Monster3WATER12002000
Time EscaperEffect Monster2EARTH500100
Wattsychic FighterEffect Monster3LIGHT1500300
Winda, Priestess of GustoEffect Monster2WIND1000400

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