• This card can be chain to the activation of your other "Spell Card" and/or "Trap Card". Since the activation of your other Spell/Trap Card(s) was not negated in any way, they still resolve even though they get sent to the Graveyard by "Emergency Provisions". Therefore gain 1000 Life Points and the effect of your other Spell/Trap Card(s).
  • Use this card to send "Different Dimension Gate" to the Graveyard if it is to lock out the monsters banished by its effect.
  • Three copies of "Good Goblin Housekeeping" can be Set, then activate all three, and chain this card and send all of them to the Graveyard. By doing this, 12 cards can be draw and only return 3 of them to their Deck, not to mention the 3,000 Life Points gain to boot.
    • Also three copies of "Numinous Healer" can be Set, activate all three, then chain this card and send them all to the Graveyard to increase your Life Points by 10,500 OR use "Attack and Receive" to inflict 4800 damage to your opponent and gain 3000 Life Points.
  • This also functions well with "Big Bang Shot". Equip to one of your opponent's monsters and activate this card to banish the equipped monster from the game and increase your Life Points. Also do the same can be with "Safe Zone" or any card with similar effect.
  • This is useful for getting rid of "Boss Rush" if your opponent manages to banish your "B.E.S." monsters without sending them to the Graveyard.
  • Use this card when your opponent activates "Heavy Storm". That way, none of your Spell or Trap cards will be destroyed, and gain Life Points.
  • Use this card with cards like "Limiter Overload", to Summon monsters and gain Life Points.
  • This card allows send any number of cards to be used. As such, you can get rid of certain cards in your way. One prime example is "Destiny Board", not that it would be in the way, but this card can be used to remove Spells or Traps in the way or if your opponent has found a way to remove a letter then use this to scrap all of them for 1000 LP each instead of all the letters being destroyed.
    • Another prime example is "Call of the Haunted". If the monster is Tribute that was Special Summoned by its effect, "Call of the Haunted" will remain on the field meaninglessly. "Emergency Provisions" can dispose of it and gain 1000 Life Points in the process.
  • This card is also very useful and effective in the "Fire Princess" Burn Deck, when this card is paired up with the effect of "Fire Princess" in order to deal the Direct Damage to the Life Points of your foes. This card could even make it an excellent "Fire Princess"-"OTK" as well.
  • Any "dead draw" Spell Cards can be placed to get rid of for extra Life Points. In a "Toon Deck", too many copies of "Toon World" can clog the hand and serve no purpose after the first. Set them and use them to repay the first one's cost. Also, when using this Deck, "Toon World" wouldn't be destroyed so the Toon monsters will not be destroyed.
  • Take note that 'When... you can...' cards such as "Archfiend of Gilfer" will not activate by sending any of these cards to the grave because you gain LP afterward.
  • This can be used to benefit in an equip Deck if the opponent takes control of your monster by "Brain Control" (in Traditional Format only), "Mind Control", etc., or takes control of your equips with "Collected Power", or just before your monster is destroyed by an effect.
  • This card is useful in order to remove any Continuous Spells/Traps activated for an exchange of LPs. For instance, this card could be used to remove "Royal Decree" or "Gravity Bind" at a time to get rid of its effect in order to make a free play. In return, 1000 LPs free of charge!
  • Chain Combo might pull off with this card, similar to "Chain Strike" OTK. Activate, in response to an opponent's effect, "Reckless Greed", "Good Goblin Housekeeping", "Accumulated Fortune" and in last place, this card. This way, 3000 LPs and draw 6 cards! This is recommended while there are a few cards in your hand and low LPs, allowing to turn the tide in a Duel.
  • This card also works quite well within the "Fire Princess" Deck.
  • In a "D/D" Deck, this card can be used to remove your "Dark Contract" cards if there are no other way to mitigate the damage they would deal, and thus save your LP.

Traditional Format

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