• Since she is low enough Level, she can be equipped with "Ritual Weapon" to make her a substantially stronger 2700 ATK, along with being compatible with the effect of "Honest".
    • Equip her with multiple "Ritual Weapons" to take on 5000 ATK monsters.
  • This card can be used as 1 of the costs for "Elemental Bursts", however you still need to tribute 3 other monsters for the remaining Attributes.
  • You can use this card as Synchro Material for an "Genex Ally" Synchro monster, as they gain effects depending on the attribute of the non-Tuner monster. As this card counts as 5 different Attributes at the same time, you can unlock the full effect of any "Genex Ally" Synchro Monster.
  • Switch the control of this monster to your opponent using cards like "Creature Swap" and then activate "Clear World" to give your opponent a serious disadvantage. (Keep in mind that this would require your opponent to destroy a monster that was in Defense Position at the end of his turn, and he could very easily choose this one.)