• You can use the "Grinder Golem"/"Inferno Tempest" combo to remove all of your "Elemental Heroes" from your Deck and Graveyard so you can maximize this card's ATK.
  • When this card is destroyed, choose "Elemental Hero Voltic" to return to your hand, so that you can retrieve other removed "Elemental HEROes".
  • Summon "Elemental Hero Stratos" and then grab "Elemental HERO Captain Gold", Send "Elemental HERO Captain Gold" to the Graveyard to grab "Skyscraper", then use "Miracle Fusion" to make "Elemental Hero The Shining". When "Elemental Hero The Shining" is sent to the Graveyard you can then add both "Elemental Hero Stratos" and "Elemental Hero Captain Gold" to your hand, and then you can reuse both of their effects.
  • If you combine this card with your own "Torrential Tribute", or, even better, your opponent's "Torrential Tribute", you will get two "Elemental HERO" monsters back in your hand, meaning you lose no card advantage, while your opponent loses all his or her monsters on the field. If your opponent had at least one monster on the field, this'll lead to a +1 for you. If you brought back "Elemental Hero Stratos" to your hand due to this card's effect, this could lead to a potential +2 for you.
  • Play "Chain Material" if you don't have the cards you want to fuse in your hand; then, when this card is destroyed during the end phase, you can add the two fusion materials you used to your hand, effectively searching your Deck for any LIGHT monster and any "Elemental Hero".
    • With "Fusion Gate" out, you can Summon multiple copies of this card with the above tip and empty your Deck for the cards you need very quickly.

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