• You can select this card for its own effect by sending any other card on your side of the field to the Graveyard.
  • Since you are capable of making any of your Fusion Monsters resistant to battle damage, (as well as the rest of your monsters) play "Centrifugal Field" (and "Branch!" while you're at it) so that if your opponent uses card effects to destroy your Fusion Monsters, the Fusion Material monsters will come back.
  • "Ocean" can stay on your side of the field longer by using this card's effect. During each of your Standby Phases, "Ocean" can add an "Elemental HERO" monster from your Graveyard to your hand. This helps maintain Hand Advantage, Field Advantage, and can pay for costs such as the effects of "Thunder Giant", "Wingman" and much more. If you send "Elemental HERO" Fusion Material monsters to the grave using this card's effect, you can use "Miracle Fusion" to fuse the monsters in your Graveyard or recover them using the effect of "Ocean".
  • Use this card's effect on itself and "Masked HERO Vapor". This will make M-HERO Vapor nearly invincible with the only means to get rid of him being non-destroying effects.

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