• If you have a "Destiny HERO - Doom Lord" which banished monster(s) your opponent controlled, and this card was summoned during the turns that those monster(s) are still banished, this card will return the banished monster(s) back to the owner's deck so they will not be able to return by the effect of "Doom Lord".
  • This card can be an excellent counter-strategy to a Banish Deck.
  • This card works well with cards from the "Element" series like "Element Soldier" and "Element Dragon", whose effects depend on the Attributes of other monsters. These cards are also easy to include in a HERO deck because there is at least one monster of each attribute among those monsters.
  • This card works well with "DNA Transplant", allowing all cards to be any of those Attributes increasing your ATK even higher.
  • This would make a OTK with Infinite damage by using "Fusion Gate", "Dimensional Fissure" and "Chain Material" while you have a card like "Catapult Turtle" or "Cannon Soldier" on your side of the field, and also 2 copies of "Elemental HERO Electrum" in your Extra Deck. Use the effect of "Fusion Gate" to summon "Elemental HERO Electrum" and Tribute it for the effect of "Catapult Turtle", "Cannon Soldier", etc. Summon another "Electrum" from your Extra Deck and the banished one will return to your Extra Deck. Repeat until you win.
    • There are alternatives to this OTK as well. Using the same "Fusion Gate" + "Chain Material" combo, Normal Summon "Cannon Soldier" or "Toon Cannon Soldier", then Fusion Summon Electrum. "Launch" it with Soldier, then Fusion Summon a second Electrum and launch it as well. Then fuse "Elemental HERO The Shining" using both Electrums in Graveyard, and launch The Shining as well. Bring out another Electrum, returning the other 2 to the Extra Deck, and launch it as well. Then fuse The Shining + Electrum to bring out a second The Shining, launch it, then Summon Electrum again, recycling the first The Shining and Electrum. Repeat endlessly.
    • Another option is to use "Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird" and "Elemental HERO Nova Master" in addition to Electrum and The Shining. If you do, you only need "Fusion Gate" and "Chain Material", with no additional cards:
      • Fusion Summon Electrum with the Gate + Chain combo. Fuse then Blaze Fenix, and inflict at least 900 damage (Gate + your 2 Fusions) to your opponent with its effect. Fuse Nova Master with Electrum and Fenix, then fuse a second Electrum to return Fenix, Fenix's materials and the first Electrum. Fuse The Shining using Nova and Electrum, then fuse Fenix again, then inflict 1200+ damage. Fuse a second Nova with The Shining and Fenix, then fuse Electrum to return everything. Then you can keep fusing Fenix, Electrum, The Shining and Nova Master, repeating the cycle endlessly and dealing at least 900 damage per "cycle". This combo also has the advantage of being immune to "Fiendish Chain" and "Effect Veiler", because you can just cycle everything again, making this OTK a 2-card combo.
    • Another Option is to summon 2 Elemental HERO Electrum and overlay for "Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max" and fuse it with an Electrum in the grave for Elemental Hero Gaia and repeat the cycle.

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