• This card is best put into a deck that has access to many different elemental attributes, such as Elemental HEROES, Charmers, Aliens, or something custom, and it best works when used against an opponent who happens to use only one Attribute.
  • While the primary effect of this card is to prevent your opponent from attacking, you can easily use this to remove a monster from your hand, to later revive with "Return from the Different Dimension" (Traditional Format) or to simply power up a monster who benefits from a banished monster (such as "Golden Homunculus").
    • You can banish "D.D. Scout Plane" to gain a quick tribute fodder. Just banish it at the end of your opponent's turn.
  • This card is best played in response to a Monster Summon. If you give up this chance, your opponent may get turn priority to attack you before you can activate it again, especially since this card cannot negate a battle it is chained to.

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