• If this Fusion Summoned monster is sent to the Graveyard, it can be revived it with "Shaddoll Falco".
  • You can use this card's effect to grant extra protection to an "El Shaddoll Winda" (Remember, your opponent can still Special Summon 1 time each turn, giving them at least 1 chance to bring out a Monster(s) that can beat "Winda").
    • Most of the time, "El Shaddoll Grysta" is preferred in this circumstance, as it can totally lock down the opponent's Special Summons. However, this card has more DEF than "Grysta" has ATK, does not require a "Shaddoll" in hand to work, and can protect itself with its own effect if something goes wrong. The choice will usually come down to how defensively you feel comfortable playing.

Traditional Format

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