• You can use the effect of "Pinch Hopper" to Special Summon this card from your hand.
  • You can use "Star Blast" to reduce this card's Level to summon it without Tribute, with 1 Tribute or make it eligible for "Tribute Doll".
  • Use "Light of Intervention" so all of your opponent's monsters will have to be played face-up, allowing "Uru" to take control of them.
  • Special Summon "Grinder Golem" on your opponent's side field and use this card to take control of it by tributing a "Grinder Token".
  • Use "Vengeful Servant" to damage your opponent when the controlled monster returns to your opponent's side of the field.
  • Tribute Summon this card with "Hardened Armed Dragon" so that it will not be destroyed, even by its own effect.

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