• Use this card in combination with "Begone, Knave!" so that you can attack and then return it back to your hand, activating its effect.
  • Activating "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu's" effect, while Ojama Tokens (Summoned by "Ojama Trio") are on your opponent's side of the field, will result in a 3300 Life Points loss to them.
    • An alternative way is to Tribute this card to activate "Nightmare Archfiends". When "Nightmare Archfiends" resolves, "Aslla piscu's" effect will activate destroying them and inflicting 4800 damage.
    • If you can Summon this card and swarm your opponent's field with both "Ojama Trio" and "Nightmare Archfiends", then make one Direct Attack and destroy this card, it would deal a total of 7000 damage from just three cards.
  • Use "Icarus Attack" with this card to destroy 2 cards in your opponent's backfield and in effect destroy their monsters
  • Tribute this card for either a card effect or for the Summon of a monster; it will still activate this card's effect.
  • This card is a suitable target for both "Deck Devastation Virus" and "Eradicator Epidemic Virus", which can become an even more dramatic loss of resources for your opponent.
  • One could also tribute this card for the cost of "Dark Spirit Art - Greed" and potentially draw 2 cards. Even if they control a spell to negate your draws, they will still lose their face-up monsters.
  • For a more defensive take on the fact that this card only needs to leave the field to activate its effect, cards like "Mystik Wok" and "Destruct Potion" can be used to give the controller a hefty amount of Life Points. This works best in a build that uses Mausoleum of the Emperor, to make the summon of this monster virtually costless.
  • This card is a useful asset with Venom monsters. As "Aslla piscu" is weakened by the Venom Counters, its destruction will destroy all your opponent's monsters and deal additional damage, plus give an opening for your other monsters to deliver a Direct Attack.
  • You can combo this with "Ancient Forest". After this card has attacked directly, "Ancient Forest" will destroy it and will then activate "Aslla piscu's" effect. This is particularly effective against Decks that are focused on swarming.
  • If you use "Future Visions", this card will be instantly banished, wiping the opponent's field. Then, it will come right back and the effect can be used again.
  • Use "Scrubbed Raid" to remove this card from the field and trigger its effect.
  • You could Synchro Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend" before or after Summoning "Aslla Piscu" and not declare an attack with "Aslla Piscu" so that "Red Dragon Archfiend's" effect to destroy monsters that don't attack can activate and destroy your opponent's monsters and inflict 800 points for each monster.
  • Because of the new errata (this card can now destroy only face up monsters), you may want to consider "Ceasefire" or "Light of Intervention" to ensure that all of your opponents monsters will be face-up and can be destroyed by this card's effect. The additional effect damage from "Ceasefire" means you will inflict 1300 damage for each effect monster destroyed.

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