• Send "Unification of the Cubic Lords" to your Graveyard with this card's effect. When this card leaves the field, you can activate "Unification" to Summon another copy of "Duja", and use its effect again to send one more "Unification" to your Graveyard.
  • Special Summon this card from your hand with the effect of "Tin Goldfish," "Silver Gadget," or "Gold Gadget," then use its effect to send "Cubic Karma" to the Graveyard. Banish "Cubic Karma" to search out "Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord" or, if you have one in hand already, any other "Cubic" monster, then use this card and the monster that summoned it to Xyz Summon "Gear Gigant X," detaching an Xyz Material from it to add another copy of this card to your hand. At this point, you have searched 3 cards out of your Deck, added 2 of them to your hand, set yourself up for further plays, and nearly (if not fully) enabled yourself to summon "Crimson Nova" to the field.
    • If you haven't enabled yourself to summon "Crimson Nova" this turn and "Gear Gigant X" is still on your field on the following turn, you can summon the copy of this card you searched, send another "Cubic Karma" to the Graveyard and banish it to search another "Cubic" monster, then detach the other Material from "Gear Gigant X" to search a 3rd copy of this card; between the 3rd copy of "Duja" and the 2nd "Cubic" monster you searched, you should now be within 1 card of meeting the summon condition of "Crimson Nova."
    • Alternatively, you can use "Gear Gigant X's" last Xyz Material to search "Tin Goldfish," "Gold Gadget," or "Silver Gadget," summon them, use them to summon the 2nd copy of this card, then proceed from there.