• "Delta Flyer" makes it easy to Synchro Summon this card. Summon "Delta Flyer" while you control a face-up Level 4 Winged Beast monster, activate the effect of "Delta Flyer" targeting that monster, turning it into Level 5. Then you can Tuning them both into Barcha.

  • If this monster is equipped with "Dragunity Partisan", then "Barcha" becomes a Tuner. You can then prevent this card from being destroyed with "Tuner's Barrier."
  • Having "Dragunity Brandistock" and "Dragunity Pilum" in your Graveyard could give you a wide variety of attack options. You could destroy two monsters, or attack directly twice for at least 2600 damage, or a mix of both, attacking a monster once and then directly.
  • This card can form a combo to summon "Trident Dragion", if you have three copies of Dragunity Phalanx in your Graveyard. First, Synchro Summon this card and equip it with three copies of Phalanx then Special Summon each Phalanx through its effect. Then Tune one Phalanx with Barcha for Trident Dragion and destroy the other two Phalanx with Trident's effect for OTK.

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