• This monster can easily be Fusion Summoned this card with "Dragon's Mirror".
    • "Necroface" can be used to mill the opponent's Deck and/or banish some of your Zombies for an effect that uses them from the Banished Zone (such as good "Shutendoji").
  • This card is completely useless when battling against an opponent's defense position monster or while you have no tokens whose ATK is higher than that monster's DEF; to remedy that: use cards like "Shield Crush" or "Fairy Meteor Crush".
  • This card work well in a "Reptilianne" deck. As this card's effect includes reducing the ATK of the opponent's monster to 0, it can help the Reptilianne cards to activate their effects, however, the Reptilianne aren't "Zombie-Type Monsters , therefore you will need either "Zombie World" or "Dna Surgery" with "Polymerization" or "Super Polymerization" to make possible the summoning of this card
  • Any Deck featuring Zombie-Type monsters can easily use this card as an "ace-in-the-hole". With only two Zombie-Type monsters and a Fusion Summoning card needed, it is usually only a "Polymerization" needed to bring this into a "Zombie World" or "Wight" Deck.
  • A good card to have out is "Kishido Spirit". This way if your opponent has a monster with the same attack points as Dragonecro, you can get a powerful token out of the attack.
  • Since most Zombie monsters have effects that benefit or activate when sent to the graveyard, this card can be used as a quick way to get two zombies in your hand into the graveyard quickly to get their effects off.

Traditional Format

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