Traditional Format

  • When this card is in your hand, use "Future Fusion" to get the monsters into the Graveyard.
    • A great opening move in a Dragon Deck combines this card with "Future Fusion". Use "Future Fusion" to send "Prime Material Dragon", "Dark Horus", and other powerful Dragons to Fusion Summon "Five-Headed Dragon" in two turns. Then use "Dragon's Mirror" to banish those Dragons to Fusion Summon "Five-Headed Dragon". In two turns, there will be two super-powerful Dragons, and then "Return from the Different Dimension" can be used to get back the powerful Dragons that was used for the Fusion. There would be 2 "Five-Headed Dragon", and three other powerful Dragons within two turns. "Prime Material Dragon" is suggested because it can protect the rest and your Life Points from cards like "Mirror Force" or "Magic Cylinder".


  • Dragon-Type Fusion Monsters that can be Fusion Summoned:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Alligator's Sword Dragonドラゴンに乗るワイバーンWIND517001500
Amulet Dragon呪符竜DARK829002500
Archfiend Black Skull Dragon悪魔竜ブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴンDARK932002500
B. Skull Dragonブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴンDARK932002500
Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragonビーストアイズ・ペンデュラム・ドラゴンEARTH830002000
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon青眼の双爆裂龍LIGHT1030002500
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon青眼の究極竜LIGHT1245003800
Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragonブレイブアイズ・ペンデュラム・ドラゴンDARK830002000
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight竜騎士ブラック・マジシャン・ガールDARK726001700
Dark Magician the Dragon KnightDARK830002500
Darkfire Dragon暗黒火炎龍DARK415001250
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste波動竜騎士 ドラゴエクィテスWIND1032002000
Dragon Master Knight究極竜騎士LIGHT1250005000
Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon冥界龍 ドラゴネクロDARK830000
Fiend Skull Dragonデス・デーモン・ドラゴンWIND520001200
First of the Dragons始祖竜ワイアームDARK927002000
Five-Headed DragonF・G・DDARK1250005000
Gaia the Dragon Champion竜騎士ガイアWIND726002100
Greedy Venom Fusion Dragonグリーディー・ヴェノム・フュージョン・ドラゴンDARK1033002500
Invoked Cocytus召喚獣コキュートスWATER618002900
Kaiser Dragonカイザー・ドラゴンLIGHT723002000
King Dragun竜魔人 キングドラグーンDARK724001100
Meteor B. Dragonメテオ・ブラック・ドラゴンFIRE835002000
Meteor Black Comet Dragon流星竜メテオ・ブラック・ドラゴンDARK835002000
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon真青眼の究極竜LIGHT1245003800
Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon覇王紫竜オッドアイズ・ヴェノム・ドラゴンDARK1033002500
Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragonオッドアイズ・ボルテックス・ドラゴンWIND725003000
Performapal Odd-Eyes Metal ClawEMオッドアイズ・メタル・クロウDARK830002000
Red-Eyes Slash Dragon真紅眼の黒刃竜DARK728002400
Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragonルーンアイズ・ペンデュラム・ドラゴンDARK830002000
Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion天翔の竜騎士ガイアWIND726002100
Starving Venom Fusion Dragonスターヴ・ヴェノム・フュージョン・ドラゴンDARK828002000
Superalloy Beast Raptinus超合魔獣ラプテノスLIGHT822002200
Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom覇王眷竜スターヴ・ヴェノムDARK828002000
Supreme King Z-ARC覇王龍ズァークDARK1240004000
Thousand Dragon千年竜WIND724002000
Twin Photon Lizardツイン・フォトン・リザードLIGHT624001000
Ultimate Crystal God Rainbow Over Dragon究極宝玉神 レインボー・オーバー・ドラゴンLIGHT1240000

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