Card Tips:Double or Nothing!

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  • This card can only be used if the last thing to occur was the attack being negated.
    • This card can be used against "Necro Gardna", "Cyber Barrier Dragon" and "Shooting Star Dragon".
    • This card can also be used against "Magic Cylinder" because the attack negation and damage inflicting effects of "Magic Cylinder" are considered to resolve simultaneously.
    • This card cannot be used against "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" because the last thing to occur was "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" setting itself, and not the negation of the attack.
  • This card can be also used with "Number 39: Utopia's" effect to negate your own monster's attacks and then attack with double their attack points.
  • Use the above strategy by first powering up your monsters with cards like "United We Stand" because this card doubles a monsters current ATK and not it's original which can cause major damage for a one shot win.
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