• This card is best used with "Power Tool Dragon". If you have three copies of this card in your deck when you activate "Power Tool Dragon's" effect, you will be assured to get one of them.
  • Equip this card to "Morphtronic Videon". At the start, it will have only 1000 ATK, but if you do so, it will heighten to a strong, 2800 ATK thanks to its first effect.
  • Equip two copies of this card to two monsters you control to prevent your opponent's monsters from attacking.
  • Have only one monster on the field that's equipped with this card and stronger than your opponent's monsters, then combine "Battle Mania" to clear your opponent's field of Attack Position monsters.
    • If your monster is weaker than your opponent's monster, use Waboku to save your monster and avoid battle damage.
  • Equip this card to a monster you control while you have "Morphtronic Magnen" in Defense Position to prevent your opponent from attacking any of your monsters (but it will not prevent effects that allow monsters to attack directly).
  • Equip this card to a monster you control while you have "Morphtronic Boarden" in Defense Position. This will prevent your opponent from destroying any of your monsters by battle.
  • When attacking, this card is magnificent against opponents whose monsters' ATK are determined by their effect, such as Fortune Ladies.

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