• This card can work in combination with "Robbin' Goblin". Although have to discard a monster with a higher level, he's able to attack twice. So, when you attack you opponent, he'll have to discard (Due to "Robbin' Goblin") two cards instead of one.
  • Star Blast works well with this card as it makes a monster's level on the field lower.
  • If you wish, you can combo this card with any monster with a Piercing ability.
  • This card can work great with a Gemini Summoned "Gemini Soldier". Though each attack will only do 500 damage, each will also bring another attacker worth 1500-1900 more damage. Not to mention "Gemini Soldier" being level 2 and thus an easy target for this card.
  • This card works amazing in a Meklord deck, as all the Meklord Emperors are level 1 and have a really high ATK even without a Synchro monster equipped.
  • This card also works really nice with "Relinquished", as it is level 1 and can boast a very high ATK power.
  • Can work well with "Gagaga Magician" by reducing its level to a level lower than a monster in your hand.
  • This works well with "Raging Flame Sprite", allowing it to gain 2000 attack in one turn, and its low level makes it a prime target for this card.
  • An interesting, but effective, combo for this move is to have a "Dark Magician Girl" on the field. Discard "Dark Magician" for this cards cost, then choose "Dark Magician Girl" as the target for this card's effect. With a "Dark Magician" in the Graveyard, she'll gain an extra 300 ATK points, making her a 2300 double-hitter.

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