• With "Zombie World" on the field, this card can Summon any monster from your opponent's Graveyard.
    • This combo becomes even stronger when you control an Archfiend Zombie-Skull, as the monster you steal from opponent won't be destroyed if Doomkaiser Dragon leaves the field.
  • As most decks utilize Monster Reborn, you can destroy your opponent's Doomkaiser Dragon to special summon to your side of the field the turn after. Then, you can use the effect to help swarm your side of the field while removing targets from your opponent's graveyard that could be brought back to their side of the field.
  • While you have "Zombie World" on the field, after you special summon this card and another zombie-type from your opponents grave, you can normal (if you have not done so that turn) summon or special summon "Pain Painter", and use its effect to make both Doomkaiser Dragon and the opponent's monster to make them both level 2 for the synchro summon of "Archfiend Zombie-Skull".
  • You can use Doomkaiser Dragon as an Xyz material, and the summoned monster won't be destroyed, as Xyz material aren't treated as "leaving the field".


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