• This card is very versatile; it can be used to simply negate the activation of an opponent's monster effect, such as "Artifact Moralltach", "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", etc, or to protect a monster on your field from any effect, by the cost of negating its effect(s) for that turn.
  • This card's effect gives this monster the greatest protection. It can be Xyz Summoned by Special Summoning "Gagaga Magician" using "Gagagarevenge". Its ATK will increase to 3100, over the common 3000 ATK range, and after the effect of "Gagagarevenge" resolved, even if the protection effect is used on it lately, the ATK will stay at 3100.
  • Better yet, the other Xyz Material could be "Swordsman of Revealing Light", which can keep it safe from being destroyed by battle once per turn.
  • One way of summoning this monster is to activate "Photon Sanctuary", to summon two Photon Tokens then special summon Guardian of Order (from your hand). Then tribute the Photon Tokens for a level 8 light monster, (preferably "Swordsman of Revealing Light).

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