• In general, this card is useful for...
    • ... triggering card effects that activate when a monster is Special Summoned, without that monster needing to be sent to the Graveyard first (in order to be Special Summoned by something like "Call of the Haunted").
    • ... avoiding a card effect that would affect that particular monster, such as "Dark Hole", "Enemy Controller", "Relinquished", etc.
      • Specifically, this card can be useful for having a monster avoid its widespread field-destruction effect, such as "Black Rose Dragon" or "Jurrac Meteor" (when Chained to that effect), with that monster returning almost immediately to the field afterwards.
    • ... refreshing the "Once per turn" limitation and "This effect can only be activated/used once while this card is face-up on the field" limitation on a monster's effect(s).

  • This card is a useful card to use for the cost of "Magic Planter".
  • This card is useful for eliminating the lingering weaknesses of monsters Summoned a particular way, such as having their effects negated, being unable to attack, having a lower ATK/DEF value, etc.

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