• Note that despite the fact that this card has tricky summoning conditions, you can still Normal Summon it without a tribute if you lower its level with something like "Star Blast", since it only places restrictions on Special and Tribute Summoning.
  • In Chaos Dragon Deck you can use "Advance Force" to tribute summon this card by tributing "Darkflare Dragon". You can use "Eclipse Wyvern" to add "Diabolos" to your hand.
    • Malefic Deck can do the same because all of them are easily searched and special summoned high level DARK monsters.
  • This card's effect that lets you see the card your opponent will draw is a very good advantage when you have an active "Deck Devastation Virus" or "Eradicator Epidemic Virus". You can manipulate his/her Draw Phase, by allowing him/her to draw the card that will be destroyed depending on the active virus card.
    • Dark World Can provide easy tributes for this card, as well as for "Viruses".
  • The effect to control your opponent's draw gives you a huge advantage, especially against a Lightsworn and Dark Armed Dragon decks and players who like to stack their deck.
  • Use "Fires of Doomsday" at the end of your opponent's turn, to summon this card in your turn.
  • Use this card in tandem with something that lets you look at your opponent's hand so you can determine whether or not you should let them draw their next card.
  • "Giant Germ" helps to swarm the field so you can summon this card.
  • This card can stall Exodia Decks from applying the main card's effect by placing the pieces on bottom of the Deck.

Traditional Format

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