• You can special summon this card with "Grandsoil the Elemental Lord", then use its effect to return "Grandsoil" to your hand so you can special summon Grandsoil again to use its effect once more.
  • Return "Elemental HERO Absolute Zero" to the Extra Deck to destroy all of the opponent's monsters. Similarly, use "Mind Control" to return an opponent's Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monster to the Extra Deck. However, since the monster was unable to return to the hand, this card will not gain an ATK boost.
  • If you control "Ice Barrier" monsters and have "Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier" in your hand, you can return the monsters to the hand in order to fulfill the requirements for that card's effect and moreover give this card an ATK boost.
  • This card can also work well with monsters that have effects that activate when they are Normal Summoned such as "Breaker the Magical Warrior" or "Marauding Captain". Just return the monster to the hand and Normal Summon it again.
  • Use Continuous, Equip and Field Spell Cards to raise this card's ATK by up to 3000 (a maximum of 6) and then simply reactivate the cards with no loss to the player. This can also be done using Continuous Trap Cards, but is slower.
    • Use with "Mage Power" for an incredible attack boost. If all Spell and Trap Zones are filled along with the Field Zone, this card gains 3000 ATK when they are returned. If "Mage Power" is used after, this card gains an additional 3000 ATK, giving this card 8000 ATK total.
    • Use this card to return "Burden of the Mighty" to the hand, then play it again. "Dewloren" will gain 500 ATK and the opponent's monsters will still lose 100 x their Level.
    • Any card that can only be used 'Once per turn' like "Herculean Power", "Court of Justice", "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen", "Water Hazard" or "Call of the Mummy" can be used twice if they are returned between uses.
    • "Jam Breeding Machine" prevents its controller from Summoning while it is active. After receiving a free token to Tribute, return "Jam Breeding Machine" to the hand to be able to Tribute something with said token.
    • Use this card with "Boss Rush" (another card which prevents Normal Summons and Sets.)
    • "Morale Boost" can be used before you activate Equip cards like "Mist Body" and ATK raising Equips like "Axe of Despair" to gain 1000 Life Points. You can then remove it from the field with this card before the Equip cards are destroyed, preventing the 1000 Life Points damage.
      • Use "Big Bang Shot" on an opponent's monster and return it to the hand with the effect of "Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier" to effectively banish an opponent's monster and increase the ATK of "Dewloren" by 500 at the same time.
    • "Toll" can be abused to only force the opponent to pay to attack.
    • Combo this card with "Spell Absorption", to gain 500 Life Points each time a Spell Card is bounced back to the hand and reactivated.
    • This card can be used with "Black Garden" to make only the opponent's monsters lose half their ATK and give the controller of "Black Garden" a "Rose Token" for each monster they Summon.
    • "Chain Energy" can be removed to prevent the owner from having to pay.
    • "Prohibition" prevents one card of its player's choice from being used. Reselect which card can not be used by using this effect.
    • "Miracle Fertilizer" is destroyed if a monster it Special Summoned is removed from the field. Removing it from the field not only allows a player to use its ability twice per turn, but also breaks the effect of "Miracle Fertilizer" on that monster, preventing its destruction should it be removed from the field.
    • "Vengeful Bog Spirit" can be removed so monsters can attack on the same turn they are Summoned. Replay it before the turn ends so the opponent faces the downsides of that card.
    • "D.D. Borderline" prevents players from attacking. Remove it, attack, and reactivate.
    • "Power Filter" prevents players from Special Summoning monsters with 1000 or less attack. Remove it, Special Summon, reactivate.
  • Use this card with "Xing Zhen Hu" as to select two different Set Spell or Trap Cards.
  • This card works well with cards that are not always removed from the field when their targets are removed, like "Spellbinding Circle".
  • This card works well in a "Fortune Lady" Deck with "Future Visions" in hand, along with "Fortune Lady Light". With "Dewloren" on the field, play "Future Visions", Summon "Fortune Lady Light", use its effect in tandem with Future Vision to Special Summon another Fortune Lady. With "Light of Intervention" activated on the opponent's turn, the opponent's Normal Summoned monster gets banished. On the player's next turn, when "Fortune Lady Light" comes back onto the field, use the effect of "Dewloren" to return "Future Vision" and "Fortune Lady Light" back to the hand to Summon another "Fortune Lady", and prevent the return of the opponent's monster. This combination can be combined with cards like "Dark Simorgh" and "Anti-Spell Fragrance" to lock the opponent down.
  • Use this card to recycle a used "Call of the Haunted". Alternatively, activate "Call of the Haunted" and Summon a monster, bounce the Summoned monster back to the hand, and then bounce "Call of the Haunted" back as well. This will give a boost of 1000 ATK, a monster to Summon or discard for effects such as "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" (Traditional Format only) and re-use of "Call of the Haunted" for another monster.
  • Return "XX-Saber Faultroll" after having Summoned an "X-Saber" from the Graveyard, then Summon "Faultroll" and use its effect again.
  • Special Summon a card like "Sangan" (Traditional Format only) or "Card Trooper" via "Limit Reverse" and then return "Limit Reverse" to your hand and get the monster's effect.
  • Large amounts of damage can be dealt when this card is combined with "Tempest Magician", a Spell Counter generator, and a lot of Continuous Spell Cards. Use this card to return cards back to the hand to play again to gain Spell Counters, repeating this process to gain Counters to use to inflict burn damage to the opponent. Stall cards are strongly recommended for this tactic.
  • Amazing in "Atlantean"-"Mermail" hybrids, turning the field presence into resources for the effects of "Mermail" monsters.
  • "Fiendish Chain" works exceptionally well with this card, as it both negates a monster's effect and stops it from attacking; then on your turn you can bounce it and continuously use it as a sort of infinite "Effect Veiler". Where "Fiendish Chain" has the edge, though, is that not only does it hold back attacks, it can also be sprung in the Battle Phase to catch unwitting opponents by surprise at the last minute.

Traditional Format

  • This card combos well with "Royal Oppression". Return an activated "Royal Oppression" to your hand in your turn so you can Special Summon, and then set it again so the opponent won't Special Summon on their turn.
  • Use "Premature Burial" to revive this card, then use its effect to return "Premature Burial" to your hand so you can activate it again.
  • This card's owner can combo this card with "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" by returning cards they control and then using the effect of "Brionac" to discard them to return the opponent's cards.
  • "Future Fusion" can be used to reduce cards in the Deck and fill the Graveyard by bouncing it back to the hand once a turn.
  • This card combos really well with "Imperial Order". Return an activated "Imperial Order" you control to your hand in your turn so you can use Spell Cards, and then set it again so the opponent won't use Spell Cards on their turn.

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