• This card can be used in combination with "Destiny HERO - Captain Tenacious". If "D - Shield" is used on "Captain Tenacious" and "Destiny HERO Fear Monger" is Summoned, when "Fear Monger" gets destroyed by battle, during the controller's next Standby Phase, they can choose the order in which to activate the effects of "Captain Tenacious" and "Fear Monger" in the chain. By choosing "Captain Tenacious" as Chain Link 1 and "Fear Monger" as Chain Link 2, another Destiny HERO can be Summoned from the controller's Graveyard, then "Captain Tenacious" can Special Summon "Fear Monger".
    • This is a good way to keep 3 monsters on the field for defense or monsters needing 2 or more Tributes.
  • The strongest Destiny HERO monster this card can Special Summon is "Destiny HERO - Dasher". This can recycle the Graveyard effect of "Dasher".

Traditional Format

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