• This card can delay your opponent by temporarily banishing their threatening monster.
    • If you can protect this monster from being destroyed, the banished monster will return during your 2nd Standby Phase, giving you the option of banishing it again.
  • Use this card to temporarily banish a face-down monster to avoid activating any effect it might have.
  • "Solomon's Lawbook" when played just before your second Standby Phase will prevent the monster from returning because it never occurs.
  • If 2 other Monsters are Banished, you can banish an opponent's monster with this and then activate "Pot of Acquisitiveness", giving you a draw and causing the monster not to return.
  • You can use this monster's effect along with "Destiny End Dragoon", even if you've already skipped your Battle Phase from using one of them.
  • This card is a great way to disrupt Xyz Monsters, as they will lose their materials if they are banished via effect.
    • This card is a very easy out to "Evilswarm Ophion", especially with the limitation of "Compulsory Evacuation Device". This allows you to bring out your level 5 and higher monsters to deal with Ophion when it comes back.

Traditional Format