• Try to get exactly 3 DARK monsters in the Graveyard by Tributing the Destiny HERO and two other DARK monsters to Summon this monster, then Special Summon "Dark Armed Dragon".
  • Since this card halves the opponent's Life Points during their next Standby Phase, it might be wise to simply leave it on the field without attacking during the turn you summon "Dogma". This will prevent it from running into Traps which might remove it from the field. In most situations, it will likely be able to wipe out whatever is left of the opponent's Life Points with a direct attack after its effect activates.
  • Try to summon this card on the first turn and halve your opponent's Life Points to 4000. As the card changes Life Points instead of inflicting damage, your opponent will have a hard time trying to prevent its effect from activate.

Traditional Format

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