• Use practical Normal Spells like "Lightning Vortex" with a cost/activation requirement that's possible to fulfill in your Deck, so that they don't get stuck in your hand if they are drawn. For example, "Destiny Draw" provides a Draw Engine while "The Beginning of the End" draws you 3 cards with no further costs.
    • "Summoner Monk" can help you discard Normal Spells, so that "Magical Stone Excavation" may be used via this monster's effect later to recover them.
  • Use with "Pot of Benevolence" to keep recycling your Normal Spell Cards. If "Pot of Benevolence" is sent to the Graveyard by "Diamond Dude", it will not be banished as it is already in the Graveyard. This also means "Pot of Benevolence" can even be recycled with its own effect.
  • This card combines well with Spells that can search for monsters, such as "Reinforcement of the Army", since those will let yourself use fewer Monster Cards in your Deck (and therefore more Spells, increasing the chance of using it successfully) and will generate guaranteed card advantage when pulled with its ability.
  • If the Spell Cards that was to be used in conjunction with this card is accidentally drawn, they can discard with "A Feather of the Phoenix" (provided is is activated from your hand and not using this card's effect) and then place them back on the top of your Deck immediately afterwards. There must be at least 1 other card in your Graveyard to perform this.
  • "Big Eye" can sort your cards so you get a spell on your next draw (put the spell in 2nd order if activated during your opponent's turn otherwise you will draw the spell card instead)

Traditional Format