• You can use Tokens as Tributes for effects, so it would be a good idea to use cards such as "Stray Lambs".
  • Once this card is in your graveyard, use "Deep Diver" to get a powerful monster on the field quickly.
  • While it's in your Deck, use "Foolish Burial" to send it to the Graveyard so you can still activate its effect.
  • Use "Black Ptera" with its effect and it will recycle back to your hand, making it easy to keep the ATK of Dasher at 3100.
  • This has good synergy with the card "A Feather of the Phoenix". You can use this card as the cost to bring a monster from your Graveyard to the top of the deck then you can use its second effect to Special Summon the monster.
  • You can also use "Jam Breeding Machine" to tribute one token per turn for its ATK-increasing effect.
  • Activate "Hand Destruction" during your Draw Phase while this card is in your Graveyard to get a better chance of activating the effect of "Destiny HERO - Dasher's" effect.
  • If you Special Summon "Elemental HERO Ocean" with the effect of "Destiny HERO - Dasher", during your Standby Phase, you can return the used "Destiny HERO - Dasher" back to your hand with the effect of "Elemental HERO Ocean".
  • Use "Fires of Doomsday", then Tribute one token for the effects of "Destiny HERO - Dasher" and the other card for its summon.

Traditional Format

  • Summon "Sangan" and Tribute it for the effect of "Destiny HERO - Dasher" while searching your Deck for another monster.

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