• This card's first effect is ideal for Special Summoning the following monsters:
    • Itself, in order for the opponent to suffer from this card's second effect.
    • "Destiny HERO - Defender", so that its owner can benefit from that monster's effect (assuming the opponent keeps it face-up on the field in Defense Position).
    • "Destiny HERO - Dread Servant", so that when it is destroyed by battle, its effect can be used to destroy a card with a beneficial effect that activates when destroyed, such as "Clock Tower Prison".
    • "Destiny HERO - Fear Monger", so that that monster's effect can be triggered after it's destroyed by battle.
    • Any "Destiny HERO" monster with relatively low DEF, so that "Destiny HERO - Drilldark" can attack it to inflict piercing battle damage.
      • Alternatively, a "Destiny HERO" monster with relatively low ATK can be Summoned instead, with the help of a later card effect that can change that monster's battle position.
    • Any "Destiny HERO" monster with high ATK, so that the effect of "Destiny HERO - Plasma" can be used to equip that monster to itself.

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