• Do not actually summon this card unless it's an emergency. This card's last effect is better than having another monster. In addition, summoning it might result in you having to pay life points.
    • You can use "Beckoning Light" to recycle this card and summon "Terrorking Archfiend" again when necessary.
  • Use this card to permanently revive a "Terrorking Archfiend" summoned by "Archfiend's Roar".
  • This card can be useful for decks reliant on "Tour Guide From the Underworld," as, along with "Fabled Kushano" and "Fabled Dyf", it is one of only three Level 3 LIGHT Fiend monsters in the game. This allows the player to quickly have one each DARK and LIGHT monsters searched out in preparation for a Chaos monster, and the effect of "Tour Guide From the Underworld" will negate the Life Point payment of "Desrook Archfiend". At 1800 DEF, it can also serve as a defensive wall against lower-level monsters.

Traditional Format

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