• If you control no monsters and have "Deskbot 001" in your Graveyard, and "Deskbot 003" and "Machine Duplication" or "Inferno Reckless Summon" in your hand, you can easily enact an OTK.
    1. If "Deskbot 001" is not in your Graveyard, you can send it there using cards such as "Foolish Burial".
    2. Normal Summon "Deskbot 003" and use its effect to Special Summon "Deskbot 002 from your Deck. Use "Deskbot 002's" effect to add either "Deskbot 005" or "Deskbot 006" from your Deck to your hand.
    3. Activate "Machine Duplication" or "Inferno Reckless Summon" to Special Summon 2 more copies of "Deskbot 002" and use their effects to add both the "Deskbot" Pendulum Monster you didn't add with your first copy of "Deskbot 002", and a second copy of "Deskbot 003" to your hand. As you Special Summoned 2 Machine-Type monsters simultaneously, Special Summon "Deskbot 001" from the Graveyard with its own effect.
    4. Tune "Deskbot 001", the 3 copies of "Deskbot 002", and the first copy of "Deskbot 003" to Synchro Summon this card.
    5. Place "Deskbot 005" in your Pendulum Zone and destroy both it and and an opponent's card with this card's effect.
    6. Use "Deskbot 005's" effect when destroyed in the Pendulum Zone to Special Summon a copy of "Deskbot 002" from your Graveyard, and use its effect to add a second copy of "Deskbot 005" to your hand.
    7. Place the second copy of "Deskbot 005" and "Deskbot 006" in your Pendulum Zones.
    8. Pendulum Summon the second copy of "Deskbot 003" from your hand and the first copy of "Deskbot 005" from your Extra Deck. As 2 or more Machine-Type monsters were Special Summoned at the same time while it is in the Graveyard, Special Summon "Deskbot 001" from your Graveyard.
    9. Use "Deskbot 005's" Pendulum Effect to destroy an opponent's Spell or Trap Card if required. With this card gaining 500 ATK for every "Deskbot" card you control (of which you will control 5 monsters and 2 Pendulum Scales), along with "Deskbot 002's" effect giving it an additional 500 ATK, it will have 4500 ATK. "Deskbot 001" gains 500 ATK for each Machine-Type monster you control, which when coupled with the ATK gain from "Deskbot 002", gives it 3500 ATK. "Deskbot 002" gives all other "Deskbot" monsters 500 additional ATK but only has 500 ATK itself. While its ATK is bolstered to 1000 by "Deskbot 002", "Deskbot 003" is capable of augmenting the ATK of a "Deskbot" monster you control by 500 for each "Deskbot" card you control. In this case, that boost is 3500. "Deskbot 005" will minimally have 1000 ATK with the increase granted by "Deskbot 002". However, if you have any face-up "Deskbot" Pendulum Monsters in your Extra Deck, it will gain 500 more ATK for each one. Taken together, you can potentially inflict a minimum of 14,000 damage to your opponent, possibly more if you have any face-up "Deskbot" Pendulum Monsters in your Extra Deck to increase "Deskbot 005's" ATK.

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