• This card's first effect can be used to facilitate this card's second effect, as well as the effects of the "Deskbot" Pendulum Monsters and the last effect of "Deskbot Base".
    • If the opponent controls 2 monsters that this card is capable of destroying by battle, and you have at least 2 "Deskbot" monsters in your hand/Graveyard combined (one of which is another copy of this card and/or a "Deskbot 005"), use this card's first effect to send the missing "Deskbot" monster (if any) to the Graveyard, then use this card's second effect to Special Summon that copy and "Deskbot 005". The effect of "Deskbot 005" can be subsequently used to change the new copy to Attack Position, so that it can attack and use its effects.
    • If possible, "Deskbot 001" is an ideal monster to send to the Graveyard via this card's first effect, whereupon its Graveyard effect can be used for subsequent Pendulum Summons, although sending it will not yield much of an ATK boost for this card. The effects of "Deskbot Base", "Deskbot 002", and "Deskbot 003" can compensate for the lack of ATK boost, however.
  • This card's second effect can easily set up Synchro Summons, if "Deskbot 001" is one of the monsters Special Summoned.

Traditional Format

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