• Normal Summon this card, then use its effect to Special Summon "Deskbot 001" for an instant Level 4 Synchro Summon.
    • Alternatively, activate "Machine Duplication" instead of Synchro Summoning, targeting this card. Then, use the effects of all copies of this card on the Summoned "Deskbot 001" to have that monster's ATK become 8500.
    • If "Deskbot 001" is already in the Graveyard, Special Summon "Deskbot 002" with this card's effect instead. Then, use either "Machine Duplication" or "Inferno Reckless Summon" on "Deskbot 002" to Special Summon 2 more. This can potentially give you 3 free searches, and "Deskbot 001" can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard. Using this card's effect on "Deskbot 001" will give the latter a total of 7000 ATK, and the remaining monsters will have a total of 6500 ATK, for a grand total of 13500. Even without access to "Deskbot 001", you can still field 8500 ATK with just this card and 3 copies of "Deskbot 002".

Traditional Format

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